Comic 22 - Chapter 1: Page 6
8th Feb 2020, 8:15 AM in Chapter 1: Change
Chapter 1: Page 6
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Author Notes:
pkmnMasterWheeler edit delete
No more moping! Time to take ACTION!!!
User comments:
solaris127h edit delete reply
Yay, we're heading to viridian cit-- oh er uh, pmd viridian city?
Zigzagoon girl (Guest) edit delete reply
Rules of entering pmd viridian city and other cities and towns:
-Be your pokesona,because its only inhabited by pokemon
-Learn pokelanguange,so that communication is alot more easier

I already do both of them,so do it yourself(i am a hoenn zigzagoon)
Zigzagoon girl (Guest) edit delete reply
Also tell me what pokemon you are and what pokelanguanges have you learned,okay? *winks at you*
pkmnMasterWheeler edit delete reply
Even the author doesn't know the name of the town yet!~