Comic 20 - Chapter 1: Page 4
25th Jan 2020, 11:00 AM in Chapter 1: Change
Chapter 1: Page 4
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Author Notes:
pkmnMasterWheeler edit delete
Wherein the distress starts to set in for Pikachu, but Rattata is too busy thinking about Ultra Wurmples
User comments:
anafishart edit delete reply
Yes, exactly.
Zigzagoon girl (Guest) edit delete reply
Lol a big ol' wurmple will still be defeated by a tiny togepi with metronome that comes with ember
pkmnMasterWheeler edit delete reply
Unless it's a regional variant with a new typing~
Zigzagoon girl (Guest) edit delete reply
If regional variant wurmple exists,then it would be a bug/fairy type
KittyloverX (Guest) edit delete reply
That means ember will still be effective
AwelitheLunalafan edit delete reply
XD the Rattata's theory is great-