Comic 16 - Chapter 1: Rules
4th Jan 2020, 8:00 AM in Chapter 1: Change
Chapter 1: Rules
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Author Notes:
pkmnMasterWheeler edit delete
Behold! My first ever rule page!~ Had some interesting rules this time around so thought I'd make a fancy rules page to show em off! the only 4 pokemon a team thing and the no evolving Pokemon rules are to emulate PMD, and the only one pokemon a gym is cause I'm crazy!~ :3 (Also do the people who said this would be deathless since I beat Yellow with only 2 deaths still think that?)
User comments:
AwelitheLunalafan edit delete reply
oooh this is gonna bring Nuzlock-ing to the next level! Can't wait! :D
pkmnMasterWheeler edit delete reply