Comic 14 - Prologue: Page 12
11th Dec 2019, 8:00 AM in Prologue: Ultra Bonds
Prologue: Page 12
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Author Notes:
pkmnMasterWheeler edit delete
And thus concludes the Prologue of Across the divide! You probably gathered this already, but this comic isn't about Ash, but it's about Pikachu after he gets thrown into another world, and his adventures trying to get back home!~

But for now Across the Divide will be taking a short break. We'll be back on January 4th with weekly updates! Hope you all have enjoyed the story so far!~
User comments:
Polymori edit delete reply
Posting a comment here too cause you deserve more fans on here >:3

Aaaaaaa! Finally the prologue and done and I'm so happy to see the rest of the comic! Really love the concept and the style change! I actually prefer this chalk style. Looks super whimsical! So excited foot AtD yo!
pkmnMasterWheeler edit delete reply
Thanks!~ Super excited to finally have the prologue out and showin off what this nuzlocke is truly about~ >:3c
solaris127h edit delete reply
Yeaaaa!! looking good! I also really like the new pencil look (and gotta respect greyscale comics mmmm)
pkmnMasterWheeler edit delete reply
Thanks!~ I was a little worried about if i was pulling off the pencil look, so good to hear~ :3
Jurmala edit delete reply
That prolouge was amazing! Can't wait to see more <3

+1 fan
pkmnMasterWheeler edit delete reply
Thank you!~ Glad you're enjoying it so far, and excited to show off what else is to come!~ ;3c